Water temperatures drop, air temps increase

July 1, 2013

superior electric 250Superior Electric Beach/Outdoors Report.

Here are the current conditions for the Lake Michigan shoreline and Mason County (including Pentwater) as of 11 a.m. today.

Lake Michigan water temperatures:

Ludington Stearns Park: 43 F

Ludington State Park (Big Sable Point): 42 F

Summit Park: 36 F

Pentwater: 45 F

Afternoon air temperatures:

Ludington and Pentwater: Mostly sunny today with highs at 77 degrees F. Humidity: 40%; precipitation: 0; wind: north-northeast at 11 mph, increasing slightly to 13 mph later this afternoon.

Tuesday: Temperatures around 74 F, 30% chance of rain expected in the evening.

Scottville: Mostly sunny today with highs at 82 degrees F. Humidity: 31%; precipitation: 0; wind: northeast at 11 mph changing to east-northeast at 15 mph later today.

Tuesday: Temperatures around 73 F with a 50% chance of rain in the evening.


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