Both sides speak about historic district

June 25, 2013

LUDINGTON – Ludington City Council heard the first reading of the historic district ordinance Monday evening during its regular meeting (see background story here). . Both proponents and opponents voiced their concerns about the ordinance.

Bob Snyder, 510 E. Ludington Ave., said he was opposed to the historic district.

“I am against the idea of a historic district because it violates my rights as a property owner,” Snyder aid. “I remodeled my home in 1999… to ask some group if it’s OK to do this work on my house doesn’t set well with me as a property owner.

“If the historic district would have been in place at the time I remodeled I wouldn’t have been able to do these things. There are already enough regulations to go through. We don’t need anymore.”

Sue Ann Schnitker, owner of the Cartier Mansion Bed and Breakfast at 409 E. Ludington Ave., said she was in favor of the historic district.

“I hope you remember that the historic homes on Ludington Avenue have value to everyone, not just the property owners. We are just stewards of those properties as long as we own them… Fear is common in any change. There are 74 other historic districts in the state of Michigan, do you think those other 74 districts have made a mistake? Do they have it wrong? I don’t think so.”

Several others made similar arguments on both sides.

The council will hold a second and final reading of the ordinance during its July 8 meeting. After the reading, the council will vote.


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