Scottville considers contracting lawn mowing

June 18, 2013

SCOTTVILLE — A high volume of lawn mowing violations and a high work volume for the Scottville Department of Public Works opened up discussion by the city commission Monday afternoon about whether the city should contract its lawn mowing of code violators.

City Manager Amy Williams said Mayor Dick Macki asked the question, noting that it appeared the DPW wasn’t able to keep up with the violators. The city’s ordinance requires grass to be no longer than 6-inches long. Violators are warned once and then the city mows the lawn at a $25 service fee and the DPW employees’ regular hourly wages. Some lawns can cost up to $80 per mowing, Williams said. If the fines are not paid, a lien is placed against the owner’s property taxes.

Williams said City Attorney Tracy Thompson wanted to look into the liability of hiring a third-party contractor since technically the city itself is a third party mowing private property.

Williams said another option would be to ask the DPW employees to work voluntary overtime, charging the property owners the time and a half wages instead of regular wages. She said currently the DPW is working on several projects including tearing out old trees and shrugs in the downtown pocket park and west parking lot.

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