Downtown Scottville parking will remain the same

June 18, 2013

SCOTTVILLE — Scottville City Commissioner Bonnie Pfefferle raised concerns about the downtown angle of parking during Monday’s city commission meeting. City Manager Amy Williams said some citizens have been complaining to Pfefferle because of the slight change of the angle of parking that was made when the street was redesigned last year.

Like what was discussed last year, Williams said she informed the commission that it would cost between $10,000 to $12,000 to change the parking stripes. “A special paint was used for the lines,” Williams said. “In order to change them, it would be necessary to grind the stripes off.”

Williams said one of the issues are over-sized long vehicles that park downtown. She said those vehicles should be parking in one of the two rear parking lots.

She agreed that placing a center-line on South Main Street may help drivers from misunderstanding where the center of the road is. Since the bump-outs in the center of downtown were constructed drivers tend to swerve over the center of the lane, even the bump-outs do not come out any further into the lane than the rear of vehicles. She said the center-line is scheduled to be re-painted in August. The delay on its painting stems from a grant being administered from the Mason County Road Commission.

After a lengthy discussion, the city commission chose not to take any action on changing the angle of parking.

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