Jury questionnaires sent

June 14, 2013

The annual Mason County jury questionnaires were mailed June 10. A jury “pool” has to be established to accommodate circuit, district and probate courts for Sept. 1, 2013 through Aug. 31, 2014. The law requires the questionnaire be filled out and returned. If this is not done, a reminder will be sent. Failure to respond can result in a contempt of court hearing before Judge Richard Cooper, 51st Circuit Court.

Judge Cooper has estimated that 4,500 names need to be drawn to provide an adequate number of eligible jurors for the year. The selection is done randomly by the computer program created by the state court administrator’s office. Because the list and the number of jurors required changes yearly, it is posslbe to be chosen in consecutive years. Names are chosen from the Secretary of State’s list of registered drivers licenses or identifications from Mason County. The names are not chosen from the voter registration records.

The packet sent contains a letter explaining the questionnaire and a stamped return envelope. Persons 70-years-old or older are not required to serve unless they choose. A special letter is included in the questionnaire regarding this matter.

Jury commissioners’ phone numbers are provided in the letter if there are further questions to be answered. Everyone in the process appreciates the cooperation of Mason County residents.

– Lyla McClelland, Mason County Jury Board of Commissioners

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