Soil conservation plant sales, river clean up

June 2, 2013

SCOTTVILLE — The Mason-Lake Soil Conservation District is currently holding an adopt-a-tree sale. Administrator Jordan DeVries said several local nurseries are offering seedlings and transplants at an 80 percent discount. “Because this cool spring gave them a lot of cancellations, they have about 20,000 trees that will be thrown out once their coolers warm up,” DeVries said. “They have to shut the coolers off this weekend because the cost is too high to keep them running.

“The bare root trees are dormant and in good health. The forecast this week calls for cooler temperatures which will be great for planting.”

DeVries said a 3-foot white pine transplant that is normally sold for $2 can be purchased for 25 cents or less. The district also has rose of Sharon, lilacs and butterfly bushes on sale for 20 cents each. They will be on sale through Friday, June 7.

The district’s native plant sale pre-order is also taking place. The deadline is also Friday, June 7 with pick-up on June 15.

“We have native wildflowers like butterfly weed, black eyed Susan, cardinal flower, coneflowers, asters, goldenrods and blazing stars. We also have a limited supply of woodland plants like ferns and white trillium and grasses like bluestems, Indian grass and wild rye.

“Native plants are more tolerant of cold snaps and/or dry spells than garden center plants and they do much better at attracting beneficial pollinators and providing cover and/or forage to wildlife.”

Call 231-757-3708, ext. 3 or email for more information.

The district will also hold a cleanup of the Pere Marquette River from Scottville Riverside Park to Pere Marquette Township Sutton’s Landing on June 22 and 23. The clean-up is part of a $945 grant from the Great Lakes Commission and a matching donation from Brent and Amy Sitzer of River Run Canoe Rental in Scottville, who will be providing boats and volunteer transportation.
The Saturday clean-up will take place from Scottville to the Reed property in Amber Township and will resume from there to Sutton’s Landing on Sunday.
“We are seeking 20 volunteers from the Scottville and Ludington community for this event,” DeVries said. Volunteers will receive food, T-shirts, canoe/kayak rental, and transportation for those willing to help either day. Potential volunteers with their own canoe/kayak are also encouraged to join.
The trip will last from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday and 1 to 5 p.m. on Sunday. Those wishing to volunteer can call the Mason-Lake Conservation District at 231-757-3708 ex. 3 to sign up. 
Native plants information here. 
Adopt a tree information here. 


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