MCC parents ask what’s going on with buses

May 31, 2013

SCOTTVILLE — Mason County Press has received questions from several readers of why some Mason County Central Schools bus routes were re-routed Friday. Several parents report their students were picked up by buses from either Ludington Area Schools or the West Shore Educational School District. A bus driver from one of the other districts told MCP that several MCC buses were tagged not road worthy by the Michigan State Police and/or Michigan Department of Transportation. We have not confirmed that information, however, with the superintendent.

“I got a call from the school today that said that due to unavoidable circumstances they had to temporarily adjust bus routes for today only,” Ashley Rhodes said on the MCP Facebook page.

“A friend of mine drives of those buses,” Timothy McPherson said on Facebook. “She told me that this was probably what was going to happen. I believe they were inspected yesterday (Thursday).”

“My daughter in Victory Township came home on a Ludington bus,” Dianna Lynn Thorne said.

Late Friday afternoon we sent an email to Superintendent Jeff Mount asking him what happened. However, the email was sent after business hours. As soon as we receive information from him we will post the most accurate information.

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