Hearing held in Baby Kate case

May 29, 2013

LUDINGTON — A court hearing was held in 51st Circuit Court Tuesday in connection with the Katherine “Baby Kate” Phillips disappearance. The hearing was held behind closed doors, not open to the public.

WMOM FM 102.7 was the first to report on the hearing. Mason County Prosecuting Attorney Paul Spaniola has confirmed the court proceeding occurred. He said several witnesses were interviewed under oath regarding the disappearance of Baby Kate on June 29, 2011. The interviews were conducted at the request of Spaniola, and were approved by Judge Richard Cooper, 51st Circuit Court.

Spaniola would not comment on why the hearing was held, nor would he define what type of hearing was held.

“Michigan law states that in order to protect the rights of the persons interviewed and the integrity of the investigation, the following information is required to be kept confidential and may not be disclosed publicly: the identity of the persons interviewed, statements made by the persons interviewed, and the topics discussed,” Spaniola said.

MCP is investigating this further and will release more information when it is available.

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