Third graders visit Ludington city council

May 20, 2013


LUDINGTON — The Ludington City Council chambers was full of youngsters this afternoon. For the third year in a row the Foster Elementary third grade class attended the city council meeting. Mayor John Henderson took some time at the beginning of the meeting to introduce the city council and administrators and to teach the students how a public meeting is held.

Before the meeting started, the students got to ask the mayor questions. Questions included:

“Can you vote for yourself in an election?”

“How do you get the money to pay for all of this?”

“How many people work for the city?”

“With all the money the city has can you make one of the Badgers?”

“How many days a week does the council meet?”

“How long has this building been standing?”

“Is there a judge here?”

“Who runs the meetings when the mayor is not here?”

“How long can you be mayor?”

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