Ludington to accept dredging bids

May 20, 2013

LUDINGTON — The Ludington City Council is expected to approve bids for dredging of the Ludington Municipal Marina this afternoon when it meets at 1 p.m.

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources recently informed the city that it will provide $52,683.58 in grant funds to dredge about 1,110 cubic yards of material from the entrance of the marina. Above and beyond that maximum grant cost, the grant funds will also pay 16.57 percent of the engineering costs.

“Since the engineering costs will total $8,360.60, the city can expect to receive $1,385.35 in grant funds for engineering costs and receive $52,683.58 in grant funds for dredging costs for a total approximate grant award of $54,068.93,” City Manager John Shay said in a memo to the council. “This will not cove all of the dredging costs, as other areas of the marina must also be dredged. The Marina Fund will pay for any dredging costs not covered by the grant.”

Shay said the city opened bids Friday at 2 p.m. Due to the urgent nature of the project and the need to complete dredging prior to the Queen’s Cup sailboat race in late June, the bid approval will take place at today’s council meeting.

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