Rotta decides not to run for mayor

May 14, 2013

LUDINGTON — Tom Rotta has announced he will not run for Ludington mayor. Rotta had taken out a petition but today, the day the petitions are due, he said he won’t run.
“After careful consideration of all the variables involved with such a decision, I have decided to forgo participating in the mayor race this year,” he said.
“My initial decision to pick up a petition for this office, was primarily motivated as a contingency plan to be prepared to run in the case that the field of candidates for Mayor did not offer the people of Ludington enough good, clear choices. The four men who have turned in their petitions are by no means as heterogenous as I would prefer, but they do offer the public a choice.
“I feel my energies this year will be better spent in trying to put forth a stricter term limit proposal for local elected officials, in continuing to use my modest powers as a politically active citizen to open up and reform our local system, and in preparing for another city council attempt in 2015, a position I would much rather have than the figurehead position of Mayor. Next year, I hope to work alongside our next Mayor in making Ludington a better place for all. Thanks to everyone who is paying attention and cares about their city, their county, their state, and their country in these difficult times.”
Petition deadline is 4 p.m. today.


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