Neighborhood shook up by exploding targets

May 7, 2013

SUMMIT TWP. — An explosive target rocked part of Summit Township Tuesday night causing a few people to call 911. Central Dispatch called out Riverton Township Fire Department just after 9 p.m. for a report of an explosion with a plume of smoke in the area of Pere Marquette Highway and Anthony Road. Fire Chief Joe Cooper went directly to the area and, with the aid of the Michigan State Police, found the source.

“A couple guys were in a yard shooting at explosive targets,” Cooper said. “Apparently it’s a chemical mixture that when shot at makes a big explosion. They were back about 100 yards and shooting with high powered rifles.”

Cooper said the explosives are legal and the guys said they purchased them at Jay’s Sporting Goods in Clare. Nonetheless, the sound caused some neighbors to be concerned. Cooper said people from a half mile away heard the explosion. A dispatcher at Mason-Oceana 911, located about two miles directly south of the location reported personnel there had felt the explosion.

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