Engagement Story: Lied and Friedenthal

May 6, 2013

friedenthal Lied engagement

Romance on the Badger. 

Cassey AnnMarrie Lied and Michael Alan Friedenthal Jr. met on the S.S. Badger the fall of 2007. He was working in the galley and she worked in the gift shop.

On the last day of the sailing season of 2008 Michael decided to propose to Cassey, in front of the passengers and fellow crew members. Five years after she said yes, they have set a wedding date.

“It was a work in progress all day, trying to figure out what to say and how I was going to go about doing it,” Michael says. “I was able to coordinate with Todd Hansen, the entertainment director how I would do it. I had the ring tied to my uniform string.

“With the 20 minute call-to-port Todd called out to Cassey, who was on board with her mom and dad, my mom and stepfather and my brother. Todd handed me the microphone and I said: “You are the love of my life. We have been through a lot in the last year and if we could get through that we could get through anything.

“I plopped on my knee as she was saying ‘get up, not here.’ I asked her anyway: ‘Will you marry me?’ Tears came down her cheeks and she was quiet for a bit, then she said yes. Everyone in the main lounge clapped and cheered as we kissed. The crew and many of the passengers said their congratulations.

Cassey is the daughter of Marc and Christine Lied. She is a 2007 graduate of Mason County Central High School, attended West Shore Community College and is attending University of Phoenix majoring in business. She is employed by Home Depot.

Micahel is a 2000 graduate of Mason County Central High School. He is employed by Lake Michigan Carferry.

Together they have two children along with four children from a previous marriage.

They are planning a Nov. 9, 2013 wedding at Scottville United Methodist Church.

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