Garden Wars at the art center

April 30, 2013

LUDINGTON – The Ludington Center for the Arts has announced the second annual Garden Wars.

The grounds at the center are fertile and ready for creative (and competitive) gardeners to take on plots for their own artistic endeavors.

Anyone or any groups interested may apply for a plot for the growing season. Some plots have already been claimed. Those applying may choose their area from the remaining plots on a first come, first serve basis. The plots vary in size and challenge. They include some new, never used plots, a patio garden, and some plots that were in the competition last year. If chosen to compete, the gardener or group may receive a gift card as ‘seed money’ to start their plot, if they are not a business. Gardeners will have almost unlimited creative license. Art pieces may be used and creativity is welcomed and applauded.

During the summer, members of the public may vote for their favorites, as many times and as often as they like. At the end of the summer, the plots will be judged and awards given, such as best overall design, best cared-for, most artistic, most colorful, most unique, and biggest change.

If you are interested in participating in Garden Wars, please call Kathy at 845-7558, the art center at 845-2787, or stop by the center at 107 South Harrison Street to check out the premises and express your interest.


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