Mushroom season has begun

April 22, 2013

morel mushroomsMorel mushroom season has begun in Mason County, despite the cooler-than-normal temperatures. Rich Callis has reported that he found mushrooms Sunday afternoon in southern Mason County.

Callis offers some advice to mushroom hunters:

  • Notice how the “stems” have no dirt on them? Pick them and as you “pinch” the bottom the dirt should stay. place them in an “onion” sack so that any dirt and or bug may fall off.
  •  The “spores” do not fall until the morel starts to dry (other then a few attached to the morel pieces)
  • Be careful of animals and plants as you walk. Birds are building nests, many animals are just coming out of hibernation. Deer, which normally have their young after the dark morel season, may have young nearby. Stay away from the fawns because mom is probably watching and not happy.
  • Be cautious of turkey hunters. Mutual respect is always the best practice.
  • Poison ivy and poison oak are always things to look out for.
  • The last Saturday in April is the opening of brook trout season. This is a tasty dish with mushrooms!
  • Be safe and good luck and one more thing… Stay out of my patches!