Huizenga introduces Medicare payment rate disclosure act

April 11, 2013

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, Congressman Bill Huizenga (MI-02) introduced H.R. 1484, the Medicare Payment Rate Disclosure Act of 2013.  This legislation provides consumers with an easily searchable list of Medicare payment rates for the 30 most common inpatient and outpatient hospital procedures, along with the rates of the 30 most common physician services in the consumers’ region. Within eight months, the bill requires the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services to become even more transparent and include the 100 most common inpatient and outpatient hospital procedures as well as the rates of the 100 most common physician services in the consumers’ region:

“We need to make the federal government more efficient and more effective for its citizens,” said Huizenga. “This legislation establishes a single and transparent online location where consumers can view Medicare reimbursement rates for the most common medical procedures and physician services. Creating a one stop shop will save consumers time and allow them to focus on what’s important – making the most informed decision possible regarding their health care options.”

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