Letter: Thank you from Pregnancy Care Center

April 10, 2013

It’s hard to put WOW into words, but I’m going to try.

On behalf of the board, staff and volunteers of West Shore Pregnancy Care Center,  I would like to extend an enormous THANK YOU to our community for the way they came out in numbers this past Saturday for the 14th Annual Lake Jump to benefit our organization. I really had no idea what to expect numbers wise especially when I saw the snow on the ground that morning. But it was incredible. Quite a blur really as the majority of people descended upon the beach minutes before the jump and then of course left shortly after as well. It is the pictures and videos that I have seen afterwards that help me realize how many and who all were there.

Thank you to those who jumped. Thank you to those who raised funds on our behalf. Thank you to those who gave generously. Thank you to those who volunteered their time, energy and effort to make this event possible for us. As our community has given generously to make this ministry possible, we in turn will pour back into our community through investing in those that may benefit from our services. Our greatest desire is to enable those we serve to make positive, life-affirming choices for themselves and their families and to become whole in Christ. When we come together to help meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of those in our community, we WILL be stronger.

A special thanks to the Lake Jump board for the opportunity to be the beneficiary and to WMOM for helping us promote an event that began in their offices.


Tracey M. Chapman

Executive Director

West Shore Pregnancy Care Center

603 E. Tinkham PO Box 364

Ludington, MI 49431


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