McCallum sentenced; ex-wife disappointed

April 9, 2013
Mark McCallum awaits sentencing.

Mark McCallum awaits sentencing.

By Rob Alway, Editor-in-Chief.

LUDINGTON — Mark McCallum received 28 months to 15 years today for custodial interference today in 51st Circuit Court. Prosecutor Paul Spaniola had asked that Judge Richard Cooper suspend the state’s sentencing guidelines and sentence McCallum a minimum of seven years in prison for the February 2012 abduction of his two children (see related post below).

However, McCallum is also facing a May trial in which he is being charged with embezzlement, auto theft and larceny. McCallum refused to accept a plea agreement by the prosecutor and therefore will face a jury trial. Cooper said evidence and testimony expected during that trial played a factor in his decision.

Spaniola said McCallum had a plan to take his two children and keep them from their mother, Sharon Kludy. He McCallum stole a vehicle and also stole items that he was going to sell. Because of those actions, however, Cooper said he could not sentence beyond the guidelines.

McCallum sat silent for much of the sentencing, with his head hung low. He would mumble when asked questions and was not clear on whether he was continuing to represent himself legally as he did during the March trial.

When asked to speak on his behalf, however, he went into a lengthly recap of the trial, actions consistent with his rampages during the trials.

Sharon Kludy had the opportunity to speak and said she was afraid if McCallum did not receive an extended sentence that she and her children would be in danger.

“To say I am a little disappointed in the sentencing would be a big understatement,” she said afterwards.

During the sentencing McCallum confessed to some of the crimes he is being charged with, stating he didn’t care if his statements could harm him. He faces up to 15 years in prison for the other charges. That trial is scheduled for May.

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