Lake Jump helps raise $19,500 for Pregnancy Care Center

April 6, 2013


UPDATED: LUDINGTON — The 2013 Ludington Lake Jump helped West Shore Pregnancy Care Center raise at least $19,500 toward its goal of paying off the $40,000 debt on its building (see related story here). A large crowd braved the cold temperatures of Lake Michigan this morning for the 14th annual Ludington Lake Jump.

20130406-113325.jpg“It was awesome,” said Vic Burwell of Pere Marquette Township. “I think the West Shore Prenancy Care Center is a great ministry. I have personally known people who have used its services and it is an essential part of this community. I was happy to be part of helping them out.”

Sheriff Kim Cole jumped in the lake for the first time. He was challenged by Ludington Police Chief Mark Barnett, who has jumped 11 times. Cole was also called out publicly by his daughter, Kasey, who is Miss Ludington Area. “It was cold,” Cole said. “You get about five steps in before your legs let your brain know how cold the water really is.”

“It was without a doubt a windy and chilly morning down there but at least 110 people dove for a difference on our behalf,” said Tracey Chapman, executive director of the care center. She said matching donations and other pledges will most likely increase the amount raised.

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