Washington Avenue bridge construction to begin later this spring

April 5, 2013

LUDINGTON — Construction work on building a new Washington Avenue bridge is scheduled to begin in late May or early June. The Michigan Department of Transportation’s Local Bridge Fund will pay for 95 percent of the estimated $2.2 million bridge re-build. The City of Ludington will cover the remaining 5 percent, or $111,000, from its Major Street Fund. The city will also cover all engineering costs, which include both design and construction engineering.

Bids will be let on May 3 with demolition of the current bridge to being later that month. In a memo to City Council, City Manager John Shay said the contractor will be required to maintain boating traffic at all times of the construction period.

Prior to demolition of the bridge, utility companies will begin to relocate overhead lines away from the bridge, beginning later this month.

The memo did not state how long the construction project is expected to take.

Shay is recommending council approves a contract between the city and MDOT during the council’s regular meeting Monday at 6:30 p.m.

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