Spencer is second generation commissioner

April 1, 2013

spencerSCOTTVILLE — Marcie Spencer was added to a unique group of people Monday night. First, she was sworn in as the city’s latest commissioner, replacing former commission/mayor Joe Baxter who quit last month due to being arrested. But, Spencer adds another element to the job, she is one of a few whose parent also served.

“I just love the history of this town and am looking forward to serving,” Spencer said. “The timing seems right for me to serve on the commission.” Spencer’s late father, Clayton, served for many years as a commissioner and also as mayor. (He was also the owner/editor of the Mason County Press).

The Wallace family probably holds the record, with three generations serving, starting with Glenn Wallace, then his daughter Glenna Anderson and then her daughter Jill; Glenn and Glenna also served as mayor.


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