Ludington native trots the globe

March 25, 2013

Amanda Stowe, center, celebrates a win with her teammates.

By Rob Alway

Amanda Stowe has been trotting the globe for the past 12 years, playing professional basketball in Europe and Latin America. She spent her first eight seasons in the Euroleague and Eurocup. For the last four seasons she has played on the Musel Pikes team in the Luxembourg Basketball league. She was recently ranked number 5 in the league.

“Playing overseas has been wonderful and a great way to see so many cultures and parts of the world,” she says. “I have loved everywhere I have played and I’ve been in some beautiful parts of the world.”

Amanda is a 1997 graduate of Ludington High School. She played basketball for University of Michigan and University of Wisconsin Green Bay.

“I had some differences of opinion with the coach at Michigan and that’s when I decided to transfer. Green Bay was great,” she says. “The coaching staff and team I played for was amazing. Coach Kevin Borseth made basketball so much fun again and made me a better player and person in the process of it all.” Borseth later became the head coach for U of M and recently returned to Green Bay.

At 6-foot, 1-inch, Amanda plays forward and center.

“I have played in Portugal, Austria, Italy, Sweden, Puerto Rico and Luxembourg. As much as I have loved it, it has made me appreciate home in a way I never knew possible. I still come home to Ludington every Christmas and every summer. As beautiful as the world is, to me it doesn’t compare to the beauty of the beach I grew up on in Ludington.

“I love coming home and spending time with my family and taking in the beauty of Ludington. I call it my fountain of youth. The natural beauty, sand and water really rejuvenate me and keep me grounded.”

Besides playing basketball professionally, Amanda also teaches. “Since I have been in Luxembourg I have been doing some work at the international school here. I work in the early year classroom and also in the physical education department.

Amanda has also been furthering her education and plans to receive her master’s degree next month.

“When I am done playing I will look at getting into a more full time career as an educator. I also enjoy coaching the teams at the international school so I may continue that route as well.”

In the meantime, Amanda will keep playing basketball. She says the team has had a good season this year. “At the beginning we didn’t have our whole team because of a few injuries. We recently won the cup of Luxembourg and are now in the playoffs and trying to win the regular season championship as well, so we can achieve winning the double.

“I guess winning always makes a season more enjoyable, but playing with the girls I am with this year and for the Musel Pikes has been great.”

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