Payment says she is not running for mayor

March 20, 2013

LUDINGTON — Megan Payment announced in a press release today that she is definitely not going to run for Ludington mayor this year. The question of Payment running for the city’s top elected position became public Saturday when a group of Payment’s friends entered the Ludington St. Patrick’s parade campaigning for the downtown business owner to run for office.

“No one was more surprised than I was to see a ‘Megan Payment for Mayor’ banner round the corner during Saturday’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade,” Payment said. “Some of my friends had told me they thought it would be a great idea if I ran, but I never believed it would go that far. What shocked me even more was the response I’ve received not just from my friends and family, but from so many members of the community.

“I am humbled and deeply honored by the support and encouragement that has been given to me from everyone. I wouldn’t have considered taking such a step without the backing of so many, but because of that, I felt I needed to take the time and actually think about the possibility.

“Unfortunately, I simply have too many other responsibilities at this time to take on the weight of a campaign, not to mention the chance of actually winning. So despite how grateful I am to everyone who has advocated for me to take this step, I must decline to enter the race. I hope that I can continue to support this wonderful town through my work with the chamber and as a part of the small business community that makes Ludington such an excellent place to live. Thank you to everyone for your kind words and I wish the best to whomever does become our next mayor.”

Payment is co-owner of The Mitten Bar and also works for the Ludington and Scottville Area Chamber of Commerce.

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