March 20, 2013


A blog by Judy Cools

I was taking our son up to Traverse City the other day. The roads were clear, the sun was shining, and it was good traveling weather. We travel the back roads, saving time and being quietly pleased with ourselves that we know a route which many people don’t.

As we went down one particular two-lane, I saw something move on the right hand side of the road. An eagle was enjoying some sort of road-kill lunch and was disturbed by the sound of our car. It flew up and over our car, giving us a grand view of the American Bald Eagle in flight, tail feathers spread and gliding not fifty feet from our car.

My son is part Native American, and feels a special connection with eagles. His first response after the immediate, “Whoa – cool!!” was to say “It’s gonna be a good day.” Then he quickly amended that to say, “No, Mom…. That was too close, too beautiful. It’s going to be a good WEEK.” And we both laughed in the afterglow of so close an encounter with something so majestic.

We continued on to Traverse City, stopping at our usual spot to get gas and snacks. We went to our appointment, got some dinner, and headed back home. It was, by now, several hours later. As we went along that same stretch of road, sure enough, an eagle flew up from the same spot as before! This time it flew ahead of our car, as if it were leading us down the road. Just as beautiful as the earlier scene, yet different.

I’ve lived in northern Michigan for a long time, but I don’t remember another time when I had two chance encounters with eagles in the same day. Something is privileged and blessed about that, even moreso to share it with our son. Maybe a reflection that it’s a good life.

© 2013, J. Cools

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