Proposed alcohol ordinance takes heat from councilor

March 19, 2013

LUDINGTON – The first reading of a new city ordinance that would allow the sale of mixed drinks in city parks took some heat from a councilor Monday during City Council’s regular meeting.

Wally Taranko said he did not agree with the allowance of non pre-packaged mixed drinks being served in city parks. The former police chief said he wasn’t opposed to the allowance of pre-packaged drinks.

Taranko said Michigan Liquor Control Commission recommends the serving of pre-packaged mixed drinks. He said allowing bartenders to mix drinks could mean people are being served alcohol above the allowable limit.

“I think we need to have faith in the organizations that have taken the time to ask permission to be there,” said Councilor Nick Tykoski, chairman of the Cemetery, Parks and Recreation Committee.”

“I am dead against it,” Taranko said. “I cannot see a fifth of hard liquor going into the park and bartenders having control of mixing drinks. In pre-mixes, you have control. We know what the alcohol content is.”

The council will hear the second reading of the ordinance during its next regular meeting.

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