Hamlin Township considers wage increase

March 16, 2013

HAMLIN TWP. — The Hamlin Township Board of Trustees talked briefly about increasing the wages for township employees, including themselves, during their monthly meeting Thursday.

“It’s time,” said trustee Larry Rees. “At least cost of living.” Michigan’s suggested cost of living increase is 2.4 percent.

Clerk Catherine Lewis said she has looked at wages from other townships and municipalities. She said most townships in the area that pay their employees have increased wages recently.

The trustees agreed to re-visit the topic at the April meeting.

Hamlin Township employee salaries and wages:

  • Planning Commission and Zoning Board of Appeals members: $49.80 per meeting
  • Board of Review: Morning session, $73.30 per meeting; afternoon session, $98.60 per meeting; evening session, $73.30 per meeting.
  • Election workers: $10.30 per hour
  • Election chair: $10.85 per hour
  • Election set-up person: $11.60 per hour
  • Transfer site attendant: $10.25 per hour
  • Custodian: $11.90 per hour
  • Deputy Clerk: $10.70 per hour
  • Deputy Treasurer: $10.70 per hour
  • Office Manager (full-time): $13.25 per hour
  • Assessor: $30,668 per year
  • Zoning Administrator: $14,587 per year
  • Supervisor (elected): $18,204 per year
  • Clerk (elected): $21,179 per year
  • Treasurer (elected): $20,358 per year
  • Trustee (elected): $97.55 to $101.85 per meeting

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