MCC forensics takes first place again

March 6, 2013

The Mason County Central High School forensics team took first place Saturday when it competed in Alma against 15 other teams.

The team scored a history record of 430 team points.

MCC Results from Alma this past Saturday.
1st place Alex Myers Broadcasting
1st place Carson Cooper Impromptu
1st Place Bethany Anderson Prose
1st Place Morgan Muyskens Oratory
1st Place Savanna McCabe Storytelling
1st Place Corrine Davis Storytelling 9/10
1st Place Connar Klock DI
1st Place Ashleigh McCabe Informative
2nd Place Margaret Always Storytelling 9/10
2nd Place Hana Smith Broadcasting
2nd Place Kaci Clayton Poetry
2nd place Kaitlin Dwyer Sales
2nd Place Jason Mickevick Extemp
3rd Place Sarak Wurtz Storytelling
3rd Place Isaac Messeder Prose
3rd Place Kari Clark Sales
3rd Place Emma Chasse DI
4th Place Teresa McCann Poetry
5th Place Greg Anderson DI
5th Place Jessica Nehm Informative
6th Place Antreas Fintikis Informative
6th Place Manny Fintikis Impromptu 9/10
1st Place team:
430 total sweepstakes points! Highest in team history!
210 2nd Place  Alma
200  3rd Place Birch Run

The team travels to Midland this weekend.

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