Key West officer expected to testify Thursday in kidnapping trial

February 27, 2013

LUDINGTON — Technology has gotten in the way of a Key West police officer testifying this afternoon in Mason County’s 51st Circuit Court in the trial of Mark McCallum. The police officer was supposed to testify via computer monitor but a firewall on the end of the Key West department caused a glitch.

The witness was the police officer who arrested Mark McCallum in March of 2012 when he was found he Key West with his two children. McCallum left Michigan illegally with his children because his wife, Sharon Kludy, had custody of them while they were going through a divorce.

McCallum was with his children at the Blue Marlin Hotel. He told Mason County Sheriff Sgt. Detective Tom Posma, in a taped interview, that he chose that particular location because that is where he and his wife had stayed and “conceived one of their children.”

The Key West police officer is expected to testify Thursday.

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