Free Soil voters to decide annexation

February 12, 2013


FREE SOIL — In two weeks Free Soil Community School voters will decide the fate of their school district. Classes have not been held at the school for the past few years but by law the district still exists.
On Feb. 26 the voters in the district will be asked to annex it to Mason County Eastern Public Schools.
The board of education is holding a public hearing on Wednesday, Feb. 20 at 6:30 p.m. to inform residents about the annexation and also on the transfer of the school’s buildings to the village of Free Soil.
Attending the meeting will be Brad Shoemaker, the districts business manager and school attorney Gordon Van Weir.
Superintendent Ron Nurnberger said he is pleased with the annexation and building transfer plans.
“I am happy with the way the board of education has come together in the past eight months with a plan for all the buildings to become the property of the village,” Nurnberger said. “I think most of the district residents have come to terms with the annexation and they accept it. But we still want to give people the opportunity to ask questions with both areas.”
Nurnberger said the annexation is monumental to him because he has served as the superintendent of both districts. After retiring from MCE, he accepted the part-time position of superintendent of Free Soil.
If the annexation is approved, Free Soil Community School district will cease to exist June 30. Nurnberger said the board of education intends to leave the buildings in as good of shape as possible for the village.
The Free Soil board of education will hold its regular monthly meeting immediately after the public hearing.


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