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February 6, 2013


LUDINGTON — Ever wonder what’s happening on the local entertainment scene? Get tired of the straight-laced traditional Scene? Yeah, us too. West Michigan now has an alternative source for your entertainment needs, The Wave, and it ain’t your daddy’s newspaper.

The Wave is a collaboration of local art and entertainment supporters spearheaded by Andy Thomas, owner of A.M. Galleries in downtown Ludington. It’s not meant to be P.C. or P.G. Instead it’s meant to provide a different point of view.

“I had the idea several years ago when I was in New Hampshire,” Thomas, who is also a musician, says. “There was a publication that talked about the to-do’s and the places to be. I ran it across a few people, who thought it was a good idea, then put it on the back burner.

“Earlier this winter I was in Grand Rapids and I picked up The Recoil. It’s a free publication that is on the edge. Based on a story in that publication, I found a concert I wanted to go see. I started reading it and had funny stories in it and great articles about local entertainment. I knew that’s what we needed.

“So, I said screw it, I’m going to do this.”

Andy jumped in and started coming up with a concept. He wanted a printed publication that could be distributed free around the area. It would be supported by advertising.

“As soon as I posted the idea on Facebook I had several emails and messages from people telling me they thought it was a great idea.”

Currently The Wave will be published every other month. Andy anticipates it will come out monthly June, July and August.

The current edition includes a story about the upcoming production of Rent, a feature on local musicians, local art exhibits, a play at West Shore Community College, restaurant reviews and much more.

You can find a copy of The Wave by visiting its Facebook page here.
The Wave Facebook page and The Wave have agreed to share some of our stories. We believe this is a positive publication for our community and completely support its efforts. We will be including a link on our menu that will take you to a downloadable PDF of the latest edition of The Wave.

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