The library staff’s top 10

December 18, 2012


Chris’ Library World, a blog by Chris Bacon.

A few weeks ago I offered up some resolutions I thought library patrons could do to help make their (mine) library visit more enjoyable for them (me). Well, to be fair I am now serving up some resolutions for the library staff to put forth and attempt to accomplish to make your (the library patron’s) trip to the library one of the best experiences you ever had……for the day. To start the ball off right I will stop talking and wasting your time and get right to it. So without further ado here is the library staff’s “What we hope to do this coming year, but can’t guarantee” list to make your life (the patron’s) at the library oh so much fun:


  1. Smile more. They say mine is terrific. Just like Don Knotts.
  2. Say please and thank you more because the patron is always right.
  3. Remember to wear the library name tag so the patron knows exactly who helped then and they can mention it to my big boss (That’s Bob with a “B” and Chris with a “C”).
  4. Try not to use too much computer jargon while talking about Internet lingo.
  5. Smile some more. Or like Jerry Lewis.
  6. Never give up looking for a book until all database searches have been exhausted or until the patron tells you they told you the wrong title and/or author.
  7. Try not to answer my home phone with “Hello. Scottville Library.”
  8. Try to come up with a viable name for the game where kids pick up all the individual salt pellets off the carpet and make it sound fun. Parcheesi perhaps?
  9. Try to keep up with what’s going on at the library (There’s just so much darn stuff, it’s hard to do. They say it’s harder than learning Iceland language…Google it and you’ll see just how hard)
  10. Continue to provide high quality service and programs to the community. (This one I can guarantee because we enjoy what we do).


So there you have it. A comprehensive list of things that the library staff will attempt with all earnest to accomplish this coming year to make you the library patron have a joyous and wonderful experience at the library. Okay, maybe not joyous, but at least swell. Take care and see ya next year.


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