Introducing MCP Classifieds

December 13, 2012

We are excited to announce the addition of classifieds to the Mason County Press. It is our goal to be the area’s top source for news and information, adding classifieds takes us another step closer to this goal.

Our intention is to keep the prices of this classified service reasonable. Our starting rates are:

5 days, up to 3 images and 150 words: $12

10 days, up to 4 images and 175 words: $15

15 days, up to 6 images and 200 words: $20

These rates are introductory and are subject to change. But, we promise we will keep them reasonable. All payments are made through PayPal at this time. We will most likely offer more options in the near future.

This is a Beta test of the classifieds, if you will, and we may be tweaking them over the next few months. If you have suggestions for other categories, please feel free to drop an email to