2 sentenced in circuit court

December 13, 2012

LUDINGTON — Two sentences have been reported this week from the 51st Circuit Court, Judge Richard Cooper residing. They are as follows:

– Marvin George Jenkins, 58, 2775 Valleydale Dr., Apt. 101, Grand Rapids was found guilty on Oct. 23 of two counts of Controlled Substance Manufacturing of Marijuana. He was sentenced to 180 days, serving 90 days on electronic monitoring and the balance at the court’s discretion. He received $448 in fines and 12 months probation.
– Lindsay Jean Castonia, 30, 402 Fourth St., Apt. 1, Ludington, was found guilty on Oct. 30 for Assault/Resisting/Obstruction of a Police Officer. She was sentenced to 330 days in jail, serving 80 days up front and the balance at the court’s discretion, $330 in fines and 18 months probation.

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