Youth for Christ wish list

December 7, 2012

LUDINGTON — West Shore Youth for Christ/Campus Life has a Christmas wish list. If you are able to help, please contact the center at: (843) 843-1323 or

Please find our wish list detailed below:

• Vacuum cleaner for the center (one that will go from hard floors to low rise carpet easily)
• 2 ½ gallon cooler for drinks
• Hats- boys and girls (middle schools – high school)
• Mittens- boys and girls (middle school- high school)
• Hooded Sweat Shirts (bigger sizes- the kids like them large)
• Socks- boys and girls (middle school- high school)
• Gift Cards- Movie Theater, restaurants, bowling
• WII game controllers
• Recharging dock for the Wii game controllers
• Recharging dock with batteries ( AAA, AA, C- 8 of each would be nice)
• Computer for the center- one that will easily run video and audio for club use
• Ready made Kool-Aide with sugar added
• Home baked treats
• Ready made snacks: chips, cookies, cupcakes, brownies, juice boxes, and pop

Thank you for your consideration and prayers- which are sincerely appreciated.

605 N Rath Ave., Ludington, MI 49431
Blessings in Christ,
Gen Knudsen
Executive Director
West Shore YFC/ Campus Life

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Eats & Drinks

Eats & Drinks