2 sentenced in circuit court

December 7, 2012

LUDINGTON — Mason County’s 51st Circuit Court reported two sentences for the past week.

– Stephen Allan Lange, 40, 503 Fifth St., Ludington, was found guilty on Nov. 11 for Aggravated Stalking and Controlled Substance Possession of Narcotics. He was sentenced to concurrent sentences of 330 days and 180 days in jail, serving 6 months up front and balance at court’s discretion. $548 and $198, 60 months probation.
– Taylor James Willard, 18, 266 W. Hoague Rd., Grant Twp., was found guilty on Sept. 25 for Minor in Possession of Alcohol and Larceny of a Building. Sentence: 180 days in jail for each count, serving 4 months up front with balance at court’s discretion, counts running concurrent, $588.

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