Rhythm of the lake

November 30, 2012

Hamlin Time a blog by Sally Olin

A goose stretches its wings on Hamlin Lake. Photo by Terry Ponkey.

One thing about the people who live in upper Hamlin, they are hearty. The neighbors are still kayaking and canoeing as we look over the “Narrows” and Barnhart’s Resort. If you live up here long enough, you know the rhythm of the lake and the people who call this area home. The “locals” as the tourists call us will always figure out a way to be entertained no matter what season.
There are a bunch of bass fisherman at Castle Point Resort still catching bass. This is becoming more common as the years pass.
The “turtle log” as we call it, is a very old log from the log cutting era in Hamlin that drifted into Indian Pete Bayou. Bass like it there. The boats were sure to hit this old log, so the guys pulled it in and anchored it to the bottom of the bayou. They tried to lift it out with the backhoe with no luck.
Our log is covered in snow now and there is a hint of ice on the bayou. With the warm weather expected this week, the mallard ducks will stick around to roost on the log and through the winter on the warmer days just as they did years past. Sometimes the otters slide over the old log just for fun in the winter. It has been a nice addition for animals and mankind alike. The rhythm of the lake is ever changing.


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