Beckman and Holmes return to broadcast Orioles basketball

November 27, 2012

Rod Beckman, left, and Joe Holmes at Hawley Gym

LUDINGTON – Rod Beckman and Joe Holmes are back on the air, this time on WMOM, FM 102.7 and The duo, who have a combined 72 years of broadcasting play-by-play Ludington Orioles sports will begin broadcasting tonight from the Ludington girls basketball team’s first game of the season, against Shelby. The game is in Shelby.

“This is a high point of my ownership of this radio station,” said Patrick Lopeman. “We had such a tremendous response when we brought Todd Hansen and Gary Castonia back for the football season and have also heard great enthusiasm over bringing back Joe and Rod to area sports.”

Rod began play-by-play broadcasting Ludington games in 1972 and Joe began in 1980.

“These two are icons in area sports,” Lopeman said. “They are the most experienced sports team in the area and we are fortunate to have them on WMOM.

“We are equally excited to be the only local radio station streaming Orioles basketball online,” Lopeman said. “There was tremendous positive responses about that during the football season. You can hear Ludington Orioles basketball anywhere in the world.”

WMOM will broadcast all LHS basketball games and at least six girls games, Lopeman said.

Tonight’s game begins at 7:30 p.m.

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