Hamlin Time: Thanksgiving

November 24, 2012

 A blog by Sally Olin

Thanksgiving at the lake was a great day for all who joined us. The weather was perfect, 59 degrees and sunny. Everyone had tee shirts on with many walks taken through the woods.

It was great to walk and chat with our neighbors who were out enjoying the day too.

There was much to be thankful for including the wonderful food served. As with any large meal to be prepared, last minute things were needed from the store. Off to Hamlin Grocery we went. Vaughn usually has what we need so we don’t have to drive to town. While we were there, Vaughn showed us his newest addition to his store. He now has a Santa workshop where you can do a wine tasting while you select and make your own personalized gift baskets for kids on up. He has a bunch of them made up so if you are on the fly, you can just grab one and go. Castle Point Resort had a huge group for dinner and cabins were full. They had turkeys grilling, turkeys deep frying and Jim Storm’s oven being borrowed to cook the hams. What a spread!

Today looking over the Narrows is a much different scene. The lake is dark with a northwest wind gusting to 30 mph, it is snowing so hard we can’t see the dunes across the lake and it is only 35 degrees outside. Burr it looks nasty on the lake with the whitecaps rolling. We are pretty sure there will have snow on the ground by night fall if this keep up. Time to say goodbye to the fall decorations and start putting up the winter ones.

Eats & Drinks

Eats & Drinks