Sheriff’s dept. will transition administrations

November 12, 2012


LUDINGTON – Beginning tomorrow, the Mason County Sheriff’s Office will begin transitioning from the current administration to the new one. WMOM radio reported that Sheriff Jeff Fiers has confirmed the plan exists.

A department email was sent to employees last week stating that Sheriff-Elect Kim Cole will become a desk sergeant for the remainder of the November. Cole will be working with Chief Deputy Bob Brown.

In addition, Undersheriff Tom Trenner has announced he will be retiring, after 25 years of service in the department, effective Nov. 30. Trenner is currently on vacation and basically done working in the office.

Fiers would then have the option to appoint Cole as undersheriff during the month of December, WMOM reported. Sgt. Jody Hartley, who will become Cole’s undersheriff, will remain a road patrol sergeant through the remainder of the year, the department email stated.

Cole confirmed with MCP today that he will become a desk sergeant. He also said that he will be attending Michigan sheriffs’ school the first two weeks of December. Cole will be sworn in as sheriff on Jan. 1.

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