Scottville city commission selects mayor tonight

November 12, 2012

SCOTTVILLE — The Scottville City Commission will hold its organizational meeting tonight. The city charter calls for the meeting to be held the Monday following a national election, which takes place every even numbered year. The purpose of the meeting is to swear in re-elected and elected commissions and for the commission to select its mayor and mayor pro-tem. This is a different practice than neighboring city Ludington, whose mayor is selected by referendum of the voters.

Since 2010, the mayor has been Joe Baxter and mayor pro-tem has been Richard Maki.

Baxter was involved in an accident on the morning of October 18,  in which he drove his vehicle over a ravine at the end of East Second Street. Because he is a city official, the Michigan State Police was called in to investigate.

Witnesses at the scene told MCP that they saw Baxter’s vehicle driving past their house at a high rate of speed. The witnesses’ house was located near the intersection of Columbia and Second streets, over a block away from the deadend and ravine. Baxter told another media outlet that he was swerving to miss deer.

Extricating him from the ravine required two fire departments and ambulance personnel. He was transported to Memorial Medical Center by ambulance and was released that day.

As of this posting, the MSP has yet to send the results of the investigation to Mason County Press. A Michigan Freedom of Information Act request was made and the state police responded on Oct. 31 stating it required the allowed 10 days extension. That extension expires on Wednesday.

The city commission will also hold its regular semi-monthly meeting Monday. Typically, regular meetings are held the first and third Mondays, but because of the organizational meeting requirement, the commission decided to hold its next regular meeting on the second Monday.

During that time, the commission is expected to vote on the final approval of the city’s master plan, which has been in progress for over two years. The planning commission approved the plan last Tuesday.

Monday’s meetings start at 5:30 p.m.

Below is the agenda and notes for Monday’s meetings.

Scottville City Commisisoin 11/11/12

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