Hamlin Time: Change is in the air

November 11, 2012

Hamlin Time, a blog by Sally Olin. We would like to welcome our newest blogger, Sally Olin. Sally lives in Hamlin Township near Hamlin Lake. From time to time she will tell us what’s going on in beautiful Hamlin. 

The “Narrows” at Hamlin Lake always seem to be changing. Today, Nov. 11, 2012 the winds are from the South gusting to 30 mph.
We still hear the lone boat motor chugging along to a favorite fishing spot at the mouth of Indian Pete Bayou. A true die hard fisherman is still out there fishing. He will fish, as he does every year, until the lake starts to freeze. On a day like today it takes a tough spirit to be out there. The transition birds are here now. Snow geese, juncos and white capped sparrows.

The weather is going to change. Jim Storm had evening grosbeaks at his feeder and grebes in the lake. Our friends Dan & Phyllis Cable celebrated their 39th wedding anniversary this weekend at their cabin in Hamlin. Castle Point Resort is booking for the ice fishing season and Vaughn at Hamlin Grocery is stocked up with supplies. Now let’s see what old Mother Nature does this year. Last winter was so mild we were sitting on Jim’s deck in February in tee shirts!

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