Cole predicted to win

November 7, 2012

LUDINGTON — With 22 of the 25 voting precincts in, we are declaring Kim Cole as Mason County’s next sheriff. With only Amber, Branch and Sherman townships to come in, Cole has received 69 percent of the vote.
Cole originally won the Republican primary against incumbent Jeff Fiers. After that election, Fiers announced he was running a write-in campaign.
“We are looking forward to the start of the year,” Cole said from his home. “I will plan on meeting with County Administrator Fabian Knizacky in the very near future and getting acquainted with the county board of commissioners.”
Cole said he understands Fiers is still sheriff until Dec. 31.
“Jeff is still the sheriff and until the end of the year I and the men and women of the sheriff’s department will respect that.”

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