Too busy

November 4, 2012

Leaves are falling, there’s frost on the pumpkin, and radio stations are starting to count down the shopping days ‘til Christmas. Where does the time go? Are you really busy, or do you just think you’re busy?

“Too busy” is when…

… you’re late for work because you have to stop and buy gas to even get to work.

… you send belated birthday greetings by email because you missed your failsafe “email the day of the event” plan.

… the dog stares and stares at you, but it takes the whole afternoon for you to figure out the water dish is empty.

… you can’t remember if you paid that bill, or just thought about paying it.

… you forget there is clean laundry piled on the bed, until you flip the light on at midnight when you really want to go to sleep.

… you use the wrong device, like using your cell phone to try to change the TV channel.

… you realize you’ve eaten all three meals “out”, and two of them were in a moving car.

… you suffer brain freeze when you start to dial a phone number you’ve known since you were a kid.

… the houseplants emit a sigh when you finally water them.

… you wake up one day and realize it’s fall, when you were just getting used to summer.

… you have to stop for groceries on the way home because there really isn’t anything at home to eat, not even tuna fish or scrambled eggs.

… you have to turn around and go home to retrieve your cell phone.… or when you’re so preoccupied you don’t notice it’s missing.

… the dust bunnies come out from under the furniture.

… your little ol’ mom calls from Arizona and you wanted to make the next call to her first.

… the hairdresser calls to point out you missed your appointment.

… you get to take a trip, then realize three weeks later there are still photos trapped in your cellphone.

… the house looks like all the closets exploded.

… you have to get creative about your wardrobe because the laundry isn’t done.

… there is so much mail in the box you just know you forgot to pick it up yesterday.

… your cell phone refuses any more texts until you delete the ones already stored.

And “too busy” is when you get to the end of the day and have to wonder if the events that filled your day were really the most important ones. Don’t wonder, be busy – just don’t be too busy.


© 2012, J. Cools

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