Dr. Phil show reveals little new about Baby Kate

October 2, 2012

Little new information was revealed about the “Baby Kate” case in Tuesday’s airing of the Dr. Phil Show. The show featured Ariel Courtland along with her father, Tim Brewer, Sean Phillips’ defense attorney Annette Smedley and Phillips’ mother, Kim Phillips.

Ariel Courtland is the mother of Katherine Phillips, who disappeared on June 29, 2011 when she was 4-months-old. Sean Phillips has been sentenced to prison for the wrongful imprisonment of the infant. He is also the prime suspect in a murder investigation involving Baby Kate.

Ariel revealed that she has not turned over letters to the police that she has received from Sean. She didn’t specifically indicate if those letters revealed any more information than the recent apparent confession letter (see related story).

Phillips’ mother, though, did offer a new theory about Baby Kate’s death. Kim Phillips said that she thinks it is likely that Kate died in Sean’s car from being exposed to extreme heat.

During the show Ariel’s father, Tim Brewer, stated that Ariel seems to be more concerned about Sean than about the justice received for Kate. He said he doesn’t think she was directly involved in Kate’s disappearance but he thinks she knows more than she is saying and that her testimony was inconsistent.


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