UPDATE: Badger sailing season may be extended

September 20, 2012

file photo

UPDATE: LUDINGTON — Mason County Press has learned that the Badger’s 2012 sailing season may be extended due to increased commercial traffic. The season is currently scheduled to end Oct. 14 but may extended to November 2. Lake Michigan Carferry spokeswoman Terri Brown would not confirm the information.

A source has told the Press that LMC is currently negotiating with a customer to ship more wind turbines. The negotiations are dependent on the amount of freight and weather projections. Though double sailings ended after Labor Day, the service has added several double runs the past few weeks due to freight traffic.

A trip on the carferry can save a cross-country trucker 12 hours off his time. Because getting permits around Chicago is extremely difficult, truckers carrying large freight have to travel into Indiana or Ohio, meaning several additional hours of time.



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