Struve and Scholtens attend state Republican convention

September 14, 2012

By Kris Struve, Victory Township

Last Saturday, September 8th, at the State Republican Convention in Grand Rapids , I, Kris Struve, and Sue Scholtens were honored to represent Mason County District One.  Mason County Republican delegates elected us to go to the State Republican Convention.   We in Victory Township are now part of District One, after we were re- districted because the State and Mason County has lost population.  Our portion of District One is allowed two delegates.

What do precinct delegates do at convention?  We have an important job to elect the most qualified candidates as we can to represent the values and principles of the people we represent.   After listening to the candidate speeches and reading campaign materials I think we did a great job for you!    We and the other precinct delegates from sixteen different districts elected the candidates to be placed on the ballot in November.

Michigan Supreme Court candidates will be incumbents Stephen J. Markman and Brain Zahra and Brian Zahra.  Judge Colleen O’Brien will join them on the ballot. State  Board of Education candidates are Todd Courser and Melanie Kurdys.  The University of Michigan Board of Regents candidates are Rob Steele and Dan Horring.   Michigan State University Board of Trustees candidates include Melanie Foster and Jeff Sakwa.  The candidates for Wayne State University Board of Governors are Michael Busuito and Satish Jasti. Please support these candidates who will defend our constitution.

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