Diedrich earns Chief Engineer license

September 10, 2012

Badger employee Kevin Diedrich has earned his unlimited Chief Engineer’s License.

Kevin has been employed at Lake Michigan Carferry since 2001. His first position with LMC was that of a part time weekend relief coal passer along with other odd jobs aboard the Badger. His passion for the S.S. Badger and the maritime industry fueled his desire and determination to become a licensed Chief Engineer.

Kevin has achieved numerous credentials and licenses in the process of becoming a licensed Chief Engineer. In 2003, He was a full-time Junior Engineer; he received his Third Assistant Engineers, license in 2005. He received his Second Assistant Engineers license in 2007 and his First Assistance Engineer license in 2010.

Kevin is a Manitowoc native and Graduate of Manitowoc High School. He also learned mechanics on U.S. Coast Guard vessels in Alaska and small boats on the Fox River. He was also employed at Parker-Hannifin working screw machine repair and general maintenance.

Charles Cart, Senior Chief Engineer with LMC, states that, “one of the great pleasures in my career has been helping the people who work with me achieve their goals. Kevin has been an asset to the crew and an excellent ship-mate. I wish him the opportunity to mentor someone such as himself.”



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