Ludington mayor term limit extension will be on ballot

August 29, 2012

LUDINGTON — The voters of the city of Ludington will vote in November to decide if the amount of time a mayor can serve should be longer than the current three terms limit, or 12 years.

WMOM radio reported Tuesday afternoon the initiative to give Mayor John Henderson two more terms has been approved by Gov. Rick Snyder.

Ludington City Clerk Deb Luskin verified that the proposal for five terms has received concurrence from the attorney general and approval by the governor’s office.

Several weeks ago, the petition was filed with the city clerk and ratified by the Ludington City Council. Five percent of the city voters had to sign a petition under the home rule cities act. Of the 298 required, the clerk was able to verify 308 signatures as valid. The proposal has been sent to County Clerk Jim Riffle who will then place it on the general ballot for November. Once, again it’s likely that Mayor Henderson can run for a 4th term, November 2013.

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