Couple’s cross lake swim cut short for medical reasons

August 16, 2012

Jeff and Sara Tow. Photo by Brad Reed, Todd and Brad Reed Photography

Sara and Jeff Tow set off on their swim across Lake Michigan from Two Rivers, Wis. Tuesday morning. They came within a few miles of reaching their goal of the Michigan shoreline when they were declared physically unable to finish. According to their GPS reports, posted on the Through the Blue Facebook page, the Tows had been pushed much further north of their anticipated goal of Big Sable Point.

The Facebook page stated:

“Swimmers and crew are safe and sound after fighting a strong northeast currents that prevented them from making little progress. The prolonged swim made fighting off exhaustion, nausia, and dehydreation impossible. After boarding the boat for medical evaluation Team Tow attempted to come in via kayak. Shortly thereafter, they were declared medically unable to continue the swim by their crew physical trainer and paramedic aboard the boat. The team was brought into the Ludington City Marina via their support boat and were evaluated by EMS. Jeff and Sara have been determined stable, however, as a procaution, they have been taken to Memorial Medical Center in Ludington for further evaluation.”

The Tows were attempting to become the first married couple to swim across Lake Michigan. The swim’s goal was to raise awareness of postpartum depression (PPD).

Sara and Jeff suffered from postpartum depression with both of their children. PPD affects nearly one in seven moms and one in 10 dads in the U.S. Only recently has it been more recognized and families are starting to get the help they need. The two are extremely passionate about this cause and agreed the time was right to really push it to the forefront in our society.

Jeff Tow is the son of Sheryl and Budde Reed of Ludington.

Through the Blue is a non-profit focused on raising awareness of postpartum depression through the ultra-marathon swim across the lake, speaking engagements, weekly blog and video posts, and connecting through social media outlets. Sara and Jeff’s goal is to engage, inspire, and connect individuals with the resources they need to be successful, happy parents.

For more information, visit or contact Sara and Jeff.

Through The Blue

Photography by Brad Reed, Todd and Brad Reed Photography,

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