Results of the election

August 8, 2012

LUDINGTON – In addition to sheriff, there will be some new faces in Mason County government next year. There will also be some familiar faces as well.

Shirley Smith of Fountain won the Republican nomination for county treasurer, defeating Sherry Wyman of Scottville 2,946 to 2,573. There is no Democratic candidate which means Smith is likely to win the November general election. Smith is currently chief deputy treasurer.

Janet Andersen and Bill Carpenter will be new commissioners.

Carpenter defeated former commissioner Michael Schneider 353 to 235. He will serve as second district commissioner. Anderson defeated incumbent Rich Morong 466 to 415, representing the sixth county commissioner district.

The county commission is being reduced from 10 to seven in 2013. Because of this some races saw two incumbents, which meant an existing commissioner was going to lose. Those loses were Sue Boes and Dr. Lewis Squires, the current chairman of the commission.

Boes was defeated by Joe Lenius, 370 to 332, for first district. Squires lost to Curt VanderWall, 550 to 445, in the fifth district.

Commissioner Charles Lange won 64 percent of the vote against Hank Wykretowicz in the third district (696 to 385). Commissioner Mary Nichols defeated Dale White 661 to 213, earning 75 percent of the votes for district 5.

Commissioner Tom Posma defeated opponents Flloyd Kaminski and Aldon Maleckas earning 50 percent of the votes, 448 to 233 (Kaminski) to 209 (Maleckas) for the seventh district.


Out of 22,302 registered voters, 7,347 voted, 33 percent; 6,450 Republican, 749 Democrat.

Here is a list of the results of the contested races not listed above:

 United States Senator, Mason County


Clark Durant, 1,607

Gary Glenn, 235

Randy Hekman, 389

Pete Hoekstra, 3,640



Debbie Stabenow, 698

Write-in (un-named), 3


Representative in Congress, First District, Mason County


Dan Benishek, 1,287


Gary McDowell, 229


Representative in Congress, Second District, Mason County


Bill Huizenga, 3,570

Willie German Jr., 24 (write-in)


Write-in (un-named), 79


Representative in State Legislature, Mason County


Ray Franz, 4,593

Write-in (un-named), 57


Derek Bailey, 257

Allen O’Shea, 418

Write-in (un-named), 2


Supervisor of Hamlin Township, Republican

Nancy Vandervest, 642

Randal Wolf, 414


Clerk for Hamlin Township, Republican

Catherine Lewis, 700

Brenda Walicki, 300


Custer Township Trustee (2 winners), Republican

George Allison, 206

Scott Hansen, 187

Justin Melchert, 82


Hamlin Township Trustee (2 winners)


Greg Collins, 481

Johnaine Gurzynski, 534

Larry Rees, 499


Barry Matthews, 55

Write-in (un-named), 5

Meade Township Trustee (2 winners), Republican

Warren Hasenbank, 19

Carol Krull, 30

Mark Vaas, 35


Summit Township Trustee (2 winners), Republican

Duane Cooper, 174

Colleen Plummer, 79

Terry Woirol, 144

Grant Township Treasurer, Democrat

Kristen Brandt, 53

Susan Merkey, 54


Oakview Medical Care Facility Millage Renewal (county-wide)

Yes: 4,690 (69.78%)

No: 2,031 (30.22%)

Senior Citizen Millage Renewal (county-wide)

Yes: 4,924 (73.33%)

No: 1,791 (26.67%)


Sherman Township road improvement millage

Yes: 171

No: 94


Pere Marquette Township public transportation service millage

Yes: 531

No: 188







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